BRAVO Pit is a complete table game management and player tracking system.

The system is designed to improve player ratings and pit management by utilizing the latest technology to enhance rating accuracy and evaluate operational efficiency. 

BRAVO Pit extends beyond standard electronic rating systems by capturing hand count and propositional bet data with our patented Chip & Card Detection (CCD) System.

Accurate hand count and side bet capture and analysis allows a casino to better evaluate a player’s true value, dealer efficiency and side bet assessment.

Core Product Features
  • RFID Integration
  • Electronic Rating Card
  • Dealer Input Unit
  • Ratings by Hand Counts
  • Table Utilization Analysis
  • Table Surveillance   



The most complete table game management and player tracking system available on the market.

The system is designed to improve player ratings and pit management by utilizing the latest technology to enhance rating accuracy and evaluate operational efficiency (dealer efficiency and side bet assessment).
The system extends beyond standard electronic ratings by capturing hand count and propositional bet data thanks to Genesis Gaming’s patented Chip & Card Detection (CCD) System and RFID technology.
For the RFID integration, a MARS-24 unit reading PJM 3.0 tags, manufactured by Walker Digital, is used to tie-in a series of antennae which are installed in strategic locations on each table. Each bet position is tracked separately, as well as the dealer buy-in area and chip tray.

Core Product Features
  • RFID antennas and readers are installed securely within each gaming table.
  • Bets and chips values are read across all bet spots including side bets.
  • Hand counts are read via table card sensors.
  • Real-time data reports.
  • All technology is installed so that the table top and game types can be changed easily by the casino.

The combination of hand counts and RFID bet reads allow for the player rating to be based on actual numbers rather than estimates and theoretical values, Table games ratings are now as close to slot “coin in” as they have ever been!


The Pit Watch module is the heart of the player tracking and management software. Rating information and table statistics are entered and displayed in the program. Floor personnel use Pit Watch exclusively for all player rating activity, rack management, fills/credits, openers/closers, and marker activity. The program is easily configured to accommodate different hardware configurations including central pit PC, touch PC at pit table and mobile tablet PC.

Supervisors are notified of any customer activity requiring MTL or CTR requirements and surveillance can monitor the Pit Watch program for player alerts and table monetary activity.


The BRAVO® VIVO system enhances table game operations through table-side voucher redemption and payouts.

  • Bar code scanners are used by the dealer to accept cash vouchers (e.g. from slots) for table game play.
  • Printer hardware is incorporated in the dealer-side of each BRAVO®VIVO enabled table. At the end of play the dealer can issue players a cash-out voucher instead of chips.
  • VIVO utilizes approved voucher gateways provided by select CMS systems.

Supervisors are notified of any customer activity requiring MTL or CTR requirements and surveillance can monitor the Pit Watch program for player alerts and table monetary activity.

  • Increased table efficiency
  • Reduces table fills and chip transactions
  • Eliminates the need for chip payouts
  • Vouchers can be used across the entire casino (table games, slots, ATM etc)



The BRAVO Pit – CCD System is a table game player ratings and management system designed to track play using correct hand counts for more accurate player reward calculations. Newly developed sensors are positioned under the table felt to detect where cards or chips are placed to determine when a hand is being played. The sensors are designed to read through fabric and can detect changes in ambient light to determine where and when objects are placed on top of the table felt.
The dealer checks players into a seat by swiping a player’s card and selecting the seat the customer is sitting in. This is accomplished by using the BRAVO Pit Dealer Unit positioned to the right of the table rack. When the sensors detect they are covered at a particular betting position, the system knows a hand is being played at that spot. Hand counts are then assigned to the individual player checked into that seat at the table.
Ratings by hand counts have shown to be a more accurate means of calculating a player’s comp value than the currently used time-based rating. Time and estimated hands per hour are always inexact values that could skew comp calculations drastically. Time base ratings are estimated to be longer per session by taking into account: inaccurate time-out, time away from table, shuffle time and table management (fills/credits, deck changes, markers, etc). With the BRAVO Pit- CCD
System, exact hand counts are used in the “Theoretical Win” formula dramatically improving the rating accuracy. Time based ratings have shown to be 10 to 30 percent inaccurate in blackjack ratings and as much as 50 percent off in some carnival and baccarat games.
Casino management can now track any proposition or bonus bet on a game by placing a sensor under the side betting area. Since casinos are charged for these prop or bonus bet games, tracking the utilization of these bets can verify or disprove the cost associated with the game is justified.
The BRAVO Pit – CCD System tracks all hands dealt so dealer speed and efficiency can easily be evaluated. Now, casinos can routinely perform dealer audits and determine casino hands per hour goals on all game types.
Because the sensors are installed under the table felt, they are protected and undetectable by the players. The sensors are covered to avoid problems from spills of any kind. When felt changes are performed, the maintenance crews are not entrusted to disconnect or remove the sensors once they are installed thus eliminating inadvertent sensor damage.
With the increasing popularity in table games, casinos need the ability to accurately track and compensate live games as well as efficiently manage the casino pit. BRAVO Pit – CCD is a complete pit management system. We believe our product is the most complete, high- tech product in the market today.


Bravo Cage is the world’s first fully integrated cage management and inventory tracking system.
Available modules include – Bravo Cage and Bravo Balance


  • Accurate and efficient
  • Customized marker system integrated with Pit Watch
  • Customized credit module
  • Customized collection module

Additional BRAVO
Pit Modules


The Audit Watch module of BRAVO Pit enables casino management to review and edit table accounting procedures and data including openers, closers, fills and credits.


The BRAVO Notify module sends notifications to employees via email or text. Notifications can be customized for each employee and set for specific times, for specific customers or with specific notes.


The Random Selector module allows casino personnel to randomly select a winner from all live players, all live tables, or promotion participants and display the winner on selected monitors throughout the pit.. 


BRAVO Reports enables casino management to generate various reports that are instrumental in accurately assessing and managing the activity on the casino floor.


BRAVO Pit’s Cage Watch module allows for cage personnel to be automatically alerted that a fill or credit request has been submitted by a supervisor in the pit.


The Card Watch module assists casino personnel to register employees and players into the system. Player registration can be done with or without ID scanner and player accounts can be merged.


With the Promotion Watch module, promotions can be set-up, tracked and tied into the player tracking history features and drop numbers to analyze the success of each promotion.


The Session Expert module allows for easy access to all player session information, which can be filtered by various requirements. Session Expert also allows for sending email or text blasts to customers who meet the search criteria. Various filters include:
• Specific Player Information
• Data/Time
• Dealer or Supervisor
• Pit or Table
• Minimum Play Amounts
• Game Played
• Name Refusal Tracking for MTL Purposes


BRAVO Poker offers a complete poker room management solution. The system satisfies all aspects of operations, marketing, and payments, in order to deliver accurate monitoring, tracking and managing of the entire poker room. 

The core modules available via BRAVO Poker include:
  • Poker Watch
  • Tournament Watch
  • Bravo Poker Live
  • Online Waiting List
  • Online Registration
  • BPL Prepaid Card


The BRAVO Poker Watch module facilitates player tracking and wait list signup in the poker room. Through Poker Watch, supervisors are able to track the entire floor from one screen. Management knows immediately when a seat is available. Seats are filled quickly and quietly. The Poker Watch software also increases operational efficiency of the poker room through features such as game set-up and maintenance, wait list sign-up and management, and game speed analysis. The software also provides management with a wealth of information through point tracking, table drop analysis, room statistics analysis and player session history.
BRAVO Waiting List displays all live and interest list games and enables the ability to notify the floor of when and where a seat becomes available.


The BRAVO Poker Tournament software enables casino personnel to set-up and track all poker tournament activities from player registration through payout. BRAVO Tournament Watch quickly and efficiently registers players, randomly assigns tables and seats, tracks buy-ins, manages the tournament clock, and expedites player payouts.
Developed for large tournaments as well as daily tournaments, Tournament Watch enables poker room personnel to quickly register tournament players with the swipe of a player card; set up tournament templates and blind structures for daily, weekly or monthly tournaments; issue receipts; track all buy-ins, re-buys and add-ons for prize pools; and display and update live prize pool statistics.

Template Set-Up
  • Tournament Start
  • Add/Edit Blind Stages
  • Assign Tables to a Tournament
  • Player List
  • Statistics
  • Leader Board Classification
  • Tournament Registration
  • Tournament Reports
  • Tournament Ratings
  • Tournament Payouts


BRAVO Poker Live keeps players up to date with the latest poker room information, promotions and much more.

Leveraging the power and data from its BRAVO Poker management and tracking system used in casino poker rooms throughout the country, the BRAVO Poker Live mobile app gives players up-to-the-minute information on live play, waiting lists, tournament, and promotional activity at all participating poker rooms.

With BRAVO Poker Live, casinos can instantly publicize poker room tournament schedules and current promotions directly to players through the BRAVO Poker system. This includes ALL-NEW pop-up advertising features, which can be booked via the Genesis Gaming Marketing Team for a nominal fee.

Players can use the Favorites feature to make it fast and easy to see what is currently going on at their favorite poker room. Or, players can access info on casino or card rooms within a player-definable radius by using GPS location technology or by entering a zip code. The Search function lets players find specific Live Games by searching game and limit requirements, and Tournaments can be searched by date and buy-in.

Available as a free download, the BRAVO Poker Live mobile app is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. BRAVO Poker Live can also be accessed using any Internet browser at www.BravoPokerLive.com.


Poker rooms can now benefit from the latest automated technology which allows players to add themselves to any open waiting list remotely via the Bravo Poker Live website. This functionality minimizes the admin required by the poker room staff, opening the door to a much more convenient and efficient system.
For poker rooms looking to increase their tournament attendance, online registration using credit and debit card is now HERE (ACH coming very soon)! As demonstrated at the hugely successful WSOP, players can now access and purchase their event seats in advance using today’s most popular payment methods.
This added convenience enables casinos to maximize attendance while minimizing internal resources, event logistics and wait times – resulting in a better overall experience for the player and a more profitable experience for the poker room!



BRAVO Cage is the world’s first fully integrated cage management and inventory tracking system.
The system is Microsoft based and works with SQL databases 2008 – 2014. The cutting edge and intuitive user interface make navigation simple and efficient for the end user, allowing all elements to be managed under one complete system.
Bravo Cage is also 100% PAPERLESS, providing seamless integration and flexibility to the user across Paid ins/outs, FM Deposits/Withdrawals, Markers issued/paid, check in/out and transfers. The system even includes paperless logs and can detail how much money to order for any day and the denominations from history.


Within the Cage module, the following features are available:

  • Location settings
  • Accounting periods
  • Set transaction limits
  • Set currency exchange rate limits
  • Chip sets (live, non-negotiable, backup)
  • Bank routing numbers
  • Security ‘role-based permissions’
  • Roll shift auto/manual
  • Audit history reports in admin
  • Interact with ‘host systems’ for player information
  • Digital signature capture
  • Employee card swipe and/or chip identification for sign-in
  • SQL reports (cage, audit, other)
  • Print casino jackpot checks
  • Table/cage fill/credit/transfer
  • Paid in/out
  • Check cashing (personal, payroll, other)
  • Check buy-back function
  • Front money deposit/withdrawal
  • Safekeeping deposit/withdrawal
  • Marker management (issue, pay, merge, etc.)
  • Cashier over/short tracking/reporting
  • Cage shift logs
  • Safe deposit box logs
  • Cage entry logs
  • Safe entry logs
  • Departmental key logs
  • Customized Reports

Within the Collection module, the following features are available:

  • Collection’s dashboard
  • Electronic statements (email/manual)
  • Collection letters (customized)
  • Attorney letters
  • DA letters (USA only)
  • Write off
  • Bankruptcy
  • Enter multiple collection agencies
  • Enter multiple collection fees
  • Enter multiple finance charges
  • Suspend/remove credit
  • Settlements
  • Enter returned items
  • Customized reports

Within the Credit module, the following features are available:

  • Online credit applications
  • Corporate credit
  • Paperless markers
  • Credit processing dashboards
  • Notifications to credit executives
  • Credit approval dashboards
  • Electronic signatures
  • Multiple images for multiple ID’s
  • Multiple document storage (CCR, CR etc.)
  • History of all credit approvals
  • History of all images and documents
  • TTO
  • Player PIN
  • Customized reports
  • Issue chips to junket operators
  • Enter currency exchange
  • Issue fills to table games
  • Receive credits from table games
  • Chip redemption at window location
  • Track % for junkets
  • Customized reports

Customized Settings

  • Acknowledge fill/credit/transfers
  • Set up shifts
  • Allow FIFO markers
  • Issue marker on partial payment
  • Casino wide check limit
  • Default check deposits
  • Default marker deposits


Bravo Identify system – where your face is your I.D.

This new product delivers cutting-edge ID, tracking and dual-authentication solutions to operators looking to improve security, age verification, marketing, customer data handling and much, much more!

The system automates the entire ID verification and tracking process.

The initial identity screening is both fast and convenient, harnessing the power of facial recognition technology mapped against any valid national or international government issued ID.


Our line of gaming tables, layouts and furniture are custom-designed and manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada by professional craftsmen who understand the specific needs of each casino customer. 

Premium Layouts, Tables & Furniture


BRAVO gaming table layouts are made of a specially formulated blend of suede polyester material that provides superior durability than the standard graphic cloth.

Available in hundreds of colors, BRAVO layouts can easily accommodate sophisticated printed graphics such as gradients and images with crisp, sharp colors making them ideal for use in marketing casino events and promotions.

Utilized with our quick-change table tops, available on a variety of gaming table styles, BRAVO layouts allow casino personnel to quickly change out layouts without having to touch various items on the gaming table. Chip trays, table signage, dealing shoes, discard racks and other equipment do not have to be removed, saving time, and getting the table back in play in minutes.


Our brand of gaming tables and furniture are custom-designed and manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada by professional craftsmen who understand the specific needs of each casino customer.

We manufacture all forms of gaming tables including poker blackjack, baccarat, craps and roulette.

Many of our gaming tables are available with high-precision modular construction and Bravo quick-change table tops for simple layout installations and more accurate sensor reading.

Clients may request any level of customization they desire, working with our in-house design teams to create the perfect table that fits the property’s brand identity.


Our furniture is manufactured utilizing a highly automated process that includes CNC-machined parts generated from precision CAD models. This process allows for increased accuracy in furniture construction as well as higher productivity overall.

We design and construct our furniture using only the highest quality finishes and hardware and our wide variety of design options ensure that each piece meets your aesthetic and operational needs.

Our pit podiums are custom-built to accommodate any type of equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, or trash receptacles and can provide for storage of files and extra supplies.


The Bravo®Plexi-Shieldis designed to create a protective barrier for both patrons and casino employees.
Available in a variety of finishes and configurations, Bravo®Plexi-Shield can be customized for Blackjack, Roulette and Craps – bringing added safety to the casino floor.

  • Safeguards patrons and employees
  • Easy to install and store
  • Modular
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in variety of finishes
  • Options for: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Craps.


Our 100% plastic poker cards, range of chips and custom plaques are the finest available. Harnessing the latest technology, design materials and UV inks and coatings, our products offer maximum durability and performance.


Genesis Gaming distributes Queen playing cards as well as Faded Spade playing cards for poker.

Queen playing cards are 100% plastic, premium casino cards available in Standard, Jumbo and Super Jumbo index.

Faded Spade playing cards are designed specifically for today’s poker environment. Faded Spade playing cards are 100% plastic and are designed with a perfect balance of thickness, flexibility and strength not found in any other poker card on the market.


Genesis Gaming is pleased to offer a variety of casino chips including RFID options from both ICON & Abbiati Casino Equipment. 

These casino chips are available in multiple sizes, up to three colours, and can be manufactured with an endless number of custom features, including inner and outer ring designs, solid colour and glitter material, and a variety of decal sizes and options.


Genesis Gaming also offers European-style casino plaques, manufactured by Abbiati Casino Equipment. Abbiati has been manufacturing casino plaques for over 25 years and their plaques are used in casinos all over the world.

These casino plaques are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangular with rounded or cut corners, ovals, square and round. The use of the traditional Mother of Pearl material, combined with the variety of colours and design options, as well as the state-of-the-art printing process, ensures the casino is provided a beautiful plaque that is customized to fit their unique requirements. A wide array of security options can be added to the plaques to help safeguard the plaques from counterfeit attempts.


Genesis Gaming Solutions offers a variety of new and exciting table games for properties looking to enhance their existing offering.



  • CliqPay is a universal cashless payment solution designed specifically for the entertainment and gaming industry.
  • The CliqPay wallet seamlessly integrates with existing systems and platforms, delivering convenience and ease-of-use to providers and end-users.
  • All Cliqpay accounts are FDIC insured and can be funded using debit card, ACH or wire transfer via regulated PCI compliant platforms.


CliqPay simplifies the process for payouts, winnings, withdrawals and transfers, using a streamlined digital approach and eliminating the need for extensive manual verification processes.


Easy Implementations
Integrated APIs
Interfaces with casino, player, and loyalty management systems
Connects to Bravo® table systems
Efficient and 100% cashless
Secure and compliant
Fee structure and flexibility
Revenue stream opportunity


100% Cashless, Convenient and Safe
Secure transactions
FDIC insured
Flexibility of use
Table games, slots, sportsbook, online gaming and more
Low fees
Near real-time payouts
Near real-time payouts
Near real-time payouts



  • CasinoPay™ is a cashless payment solution designed specifically for the casino industry that integrates directly with Bravo® table management systems.
  • CasinoPay delivers improved player engagement and payment flexibility, while increasing
  • Overall efficiency without compromising security.
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices, the CasinoPay Wallet brings complete cashless freedom to the gaming floor, enabling operators to easily accept purchases and buy-ins at gaming tables in real-time from customers using their app-based wagering accounts.
  • Convenient, secure, and simple to use, the master CasinoPay wallet account is funded via the user’s bank account or debit/credit card. Casino-specific accounts are set up within CasinPay, or as part of the programs white-label offering, enabling the user to transfer funds across accounts for gaming related buy-ins and other on-property transactions.
  • Table game winnings can be immediately transferred to the user’s casino-specific wallet using the Bravo system’s PTX1000 dealer units, increasing convenience and improving the overall experience for players.