Within the Cage module, the following features are available:

  • Location settings   
  • Accounting periods
  • Set transaction limits
  • Set currency exchange rate limits
  • Chip sets (live, non-negotiable, backup)
  • Bank routing numbers
  • Security ‘role-based permissions’
  • Roll shift auto/manual
  • Audit history reports in admin
  • Interact with ‘host systems’ for player information
  • Digital signature capture
  • Employee card swipe and/or chip identification for sign-in
  • SQL reports (cage, audit, other)
  • Print casino jackpot checks
  • Table/cage fill/credit/transfer
  • Paid in/out
  • Check cashing (personal, payroll, other)
  • Check buy-back function
  • Front money deposit/withdrawal
  • Safekeeping deposit/withdrawal
  • Marker management (issue, pay, merge, etc.)
  • Cashier over/short tracking/reporting
  • Cage shift logs
  • Safe deposit box logs
  • Cage entry logs
  • Safe entry logs
  • Departmental key logs
  • Customized Reports

Within the Collection module, the following features are available:

  • Collection’s dashboard
  • Electronic statements (email/manual)
  • Collection letters (customized)
  • Attorney letters
  • DA letters (USA only)
  • Write off
  • Bankruptcy
  • Enter multiple collection agencies
  • Enter multiple collection fees
  • Enter multiple finance charges
  • Suspend/remove credit
  • Settlements
  • Enter returned items
  • Customized reports

Within the Credit module, the following features are available:

  • Online credit applications
  • Corporate credit
  • Paperless markers
  • Credit processing dashboards
  • Notifications to credit executives
  • Credit approval dashboards
  • Electronic signatures
  • Multiple images for multiple ID’s
  • Multiple document storage (CCR, CR etc.)
  • History of all credit approvals
  • History of all images and documents
  • TTO
  • Player PIN
  • Customized reports
  • Issue chips to junket operators
  • Enter currency exchange
  • Issue fills to table games
  • Receive credits from table games
  • Chip redemption at window location
  • Track % for junkets
  • Customized reports

Customized Settings

  • Acknowledge fill/credit/transfers
  • Set up shifts
  • Allow FIFO markers
  • Issue marker on partial payment
  • Casino wide check limit
  • Default check deposits
  • Default marker deposits


BRAVO Cage is the world’s first fully integrated cage management and inventory tracking system.

The system is Microsoft based and works with SQL databases 2008 – 2014. The cutting edge and intuitive user interface make navigation simple and efficient for the end user, allowing all elements to be managed under one complete system.

Bravo Cage is also 100% PAPERLESS, providing seamless integration and flexibility to the user across Paid ins/outs, FM Deposits/Withdrawals, Markers issued/paid, check in/out and transfers. The system even includes paperless logs and can detail how much money to order for any day and the denominations from history.