Poker rooms can now benefit from the latest automated technology which allows players to add themselves to any open waiting list remotely via the Bravo Poker Live website. This functionality minimizes the admin required by the poker room staff, opening the door to a much more convenient and efficient system.
For poker rooms looking to increase their tournament attendance, online registration using credit and debit card is now HERE (ACH coming very soon)! As demonstrated at the hugely successful WSOP, players can now access and purchase their event seats in advance using today’s most popular payment methods.
This added convenience enables casinos to maximize attendance while minimizing internal resources, event logistics and wait times – resulting in a better overall experience for the player and a more profitable experience for the poker room!



BRAVO Poker Live keeps players up to date with the latest poker room information, promotions and much more.

Leveraging the power and data from its BRAVO Poker management and tracking system used in casino poker rooms throughout the country, the BRAVO Poker Live mobile app gives players up-to-the-minute information on live play, waiting lists, tournament, and promotional activity at all participating poker rooms.

With BRAVO Poker Live, casinos can instantly publicize poker room tournament schedules and current promotions directly to players through the BRAVO Poker system. This includes ALL-NEW pop-up advertising features, which can be booked via the Genesis Gaming Marketing Team for a nominal fee