BRAVO Poker offers a complete poker room management solution. The system satisfies all aspects of operations, marketing, and payments, in order to deliver accurate monitoring, tracking and managing of the entire poker room. 

The core modules available via BRAVO Poker include:

  • Poker Watch
  • Tournament Watch
  • Bravo Poker Live
  • Online Waiting List
  • Online Registration
  • BPL Prepaid Card


The BRAVO Poker Watch module facilitates player tracking and wait list signup in the poker room. Through Poker Watch, supervisors are able to track the entire floor from one screen. Management knows immediately when a seat is available. Seats are filled quickly and quietly.

The Poker Watch software also increases operational efficiency of the poker room through features such as game set-up and maintenance, wait list sign-up and management, and game speed analysis. The software also provides management with a wealth of information through point tracking, table drop analysis, room statistics analysis and player session history.
BRAVO Waiting List displays all live and interest list games and enables the ability to notify the floor of when and where a seat becomes available


The BRAVO Poker Tournament software enables casino personnel to set-up and track all poker tournament activities from player registration through payout. BRAVO Tournament Watch quickly and efficiently registers players, randomly assigns tables and seats, tracks buy-ins, manages the tournament clock, and expedites player payouts.
Developed for large tournaments as well as daily tournaments, Tournament Watch enables poker room personnel to quickly register tournament players with the swipe of a player card; set up tournament templates and blind structures for daily, weekly or monthly tournaments; issue receipts; track all buy-ins, re-buys and add-ons for prize pools; and display and update live prize pool statistics.

Template Set-Up
  • Tournament Start
  • Add/Edit Blind Stages
  • Assign Tables to a Tournament
  • Player List
  • Statistics
  • Leader Board Classification
  • Tournament Registration
  • Tournament Reports
  • Tournament Ratings
  • Tournament Payouts