Our 100% plastic poker cards, range of chips and custom plaques are the finest available. Harnessing the latest technology, design materials and UV inks and coatings, our products offer maximum durability and performance.


Genesis Gaming distributes Queen playing cards as well as Faded Spade playing cards for poker.

Queen playing cards are 100% plastic, premium casino cards available in Standard, Jumbo and Super Jumbo index.

Faded Spade playing cards are designed specifically for today’s poker environment. Faded Spade playing cards are 100% plastic and are designed with a perfect balance of thickness, flexibility and strength not found in any other poker card on the market.


Genesis Gaming is pleased to offer a variety of casino chips including RFID options from both ICON & Abbiati Casino Equipment. 

These casino chips are available in multiple sizes, up to three colours, and can be manufactured with an endless number of custom features, including inner and outer ring designs, solid colour and glitter material, and a variety of decal sizes and options.


Genesis Gaming also offers European-style casino plaques, manufactured by Abbiati Casino Equipment. Abbiati has been manufacturing casino plaques for over 25 years and their plaques are used in casinos all over the world.

These casino plaques are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangular with rounded or cut corners, ovals, square and round. The use of the traditional Mother of Pearl material, combined with the variety of colours and design options, as well as the state-of-the-art printing process, ensures the casino is provided a beautiful plaque that is customized to fit their unique requirements. A wide array of security options can be added to the plaques to help safeguard the plaques from counterfeit attempts.