In 2020 Paltronics Australasia (Paltronics) formally incorporated a new subsidiary PAL USA Inc, Nevada, focusing on continuing developments in the hospitality segments and providing better integrations to the hospitality and casino operators for the benefit of their patrons.




Paltronics Australasia is a leading provider of system solutions for the casino gaming industry. Paltronics has developed an elegant end-to-end solution that centrally links slots (progressive, mystery and bonus games), table games, and media across one or multiple properties via a local or wide-area network. Paltronics Australasia Pty Ltd was launched in 1999, to distribute linked gaming and media products to the Australian, New Zealand, and Asian Markets


Has been successfully installing, servicing, and managing the Paltronics product lines across the Asian region since 2005. Paltronics Macau has met all regulatory changes in the jurisdiction and was part of the first Macau Supplier Licence approvals.

With a strong product range already in place, Paltronics have been
focusing on releasing a new line of exciting suites for the year ahead for
both current and new customers Australasia wide.