A Comprehensive System as Versatile as Your Business

Knowledge is Power

Information at the touch of a button. Pebble Activities and Spa provides real time centralized reservations, multi-site financial consolidation, and integrated e-commerce creating a seamless and engaging guest journey.

Whether you operate a single location or a nationwide business, our standard software includes a completely integrated set of application components capable of meeting the scheduling and reporting demands of any size operation.

Provide hotel guests with the convenience of charging purchases directly to their room

Offer guests the convenience to schedule their own activities and purchase product and gift certificates directly from your own website

Process credit card transaction via a secure and PCI compliant interface

Generate multi-guest/multi-activity reservations with the ability to automatically schedule based upon a guest’s history

Compare availability over multiple days or locations and offer guests a choice of alternatives

Generate targeted marketing campaigns to your customer base

Report on sales, commissions, and liabilities for any time period

Operate a real-time centralized scheduling, guest management and consolidated financial reporting system across multiple locations

Resource Scheduler
  • Schedule – Providers, Facilities, Equipment, Advanced copy functions and multi-shift options

Guest Check-in
  • Tracking when guests arrive, leave or check-out
  • Ability to change services without affecting check-in times
  • Appointment/Reservation notes with trigger points
Point of Sale
  • Close out transactions
  • Add activity, product, and gift certificate sales
  • Adjust gratuity, discounts, service charge, and taxes
  • Process refunds, transaction transfers, and backorders
  • Property specific
  • Enterprise reports
  • Yield management
  • Commission reports
  • Resource utilization
  • Tip reports
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Guest
  • Employee