The Next Generation in Jackpot Management Systems
No need for Jackpot Controllers

Let us show you how to take your existing or new casino floor to the next level with our latest Jackpot Management System! No Jackpot Controllers just an end-to-end seamless solution waiting for you! Save space and most importantly money!


A Configurable Media Application That Allows You to Display Additional Information Regarding the Jackpot Pools and Prizes

The ability to display the sum of all or a selection of jackpot pools.
The ability to display the sum of all or selection of jackpot prizes awarded within a specified period.


Provides a Powerful, Secure and Easy-to-Use Means of Configuring and Monitoring Jackpots and Media on Your Gaming Floor

Incorporating the latest technologies in security to ensure the highest integrity and reliability
Time saving with centralised control, management, and reporting Operate up to a total of 8 jackpot levels per EGM
Real-time monitoring of linked EGMs, including full reporting of jackpot history, linked EGM turnover, CCCE downloads/failures